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Ralph Taylor-Smith

Ralph Taylor-Smith

Managing Director

Ralph is a Managing Director of Investing. He is based in Washington, DC, and joined the team in 2014. 

In collaboration with GE’s business units, he leads financial investments in innovative sensors, robotics, and data-com technologies for applications in factory automation, advanced manufacturing services, and digital health.  

Before joining GE Ventures, Ralph was Cofounder, General Partner, and Managing Director for Battelle Venture Partners and an Investment Banker in M&A for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Previously, he worked at Bell Labs as a senior research scientist, engineer, and business development manager in hardware, software, and nanotech-enabled IT devices within the photonics and semiconductor microelectronics industry. 

He has a PhD and a master’s degree from Princeton University, as well as master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Ralph is a board member of Sarcos, Inc., Omni-ID, Inc., Xometry, Inc., Clearpath Robotics, Ltd., and Upskill, Inc. 

Ralph’s athletic pursuits include scuba diving and épée fencing.