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MetaLogics is Selected to Join Startup Health

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MetaLogics Corporation, a Minneapolis-based provider of products for health improvement and weight management, has been selected to join StartUp Health and its exclusive Moonshot Academy for digital health innovators.

StartUp Health is a new model for transforming health by organizing and supporting a global army of entrepreneurs called Health Transformers. StartUp Health is organized around 10 Health Moonshots with the long-term goal to accelerate the pace of healthcare innovation and to achieve 100 years of progress in 25 years.

MetaLogics provides scientifically validated solutions to improve health and to reduce the risks associated with obesity-related diseases. Its first product, Lume™, provides consumers and healthcare prfessionals with the metabolic insight they need to create and manage healthy weight outcomes. Lume™ consists of a mobile app that gives individual real-time guidance on behavioral changes in support of the desired health outcome.

The mobile app gathers data from a wearable calorie monitor that accurately measures individual calorie expenditure and a digital scale that uses a weight-based algorithm to measure calorie consumption without food logging. Together, Lume™ provides an accurate measurement of personal metabolism, which, until now, has been a missing link for both consumers and health professionals. Lume™ includes a cloud-based dashboard for healthcare professionals to individualize a plan for healthy weight outcomes based on their client's metabolic status.

With more than two-thirds of the American population overweight or obese, excess weight is now overtaking smoking as the largest cause of cancer, disease, and premature death. Small reductions in weight can have significant health benefits. Although millions of Americans attempt to control weight, the vast majority fail. Lume™ is designed to solve that problem.


With its selection into StartUp Health, MetaLogics is a member of the world's largest digital health portfolio, with nearly 200 companies spanning 5 continents, and 18 countries. StartUp Health includes support from strategic partners and investors that include Steve Case, Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, Brad Feld, Genentech, GE Ventures, and Kaiser Permanente Ventures.

MetaLogics Corporation is a provider of products to improve health and end obesity-related diseases. Lume™ is designed to accurately measure individual metabolism, providing individuals and health professionals with the information they need to achieve healthy weight outcomes.

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