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ioTium Joins the OPC Foundation and Simplifies Rapid Scalable Deployment of the OPC Unified Architecture to Industrial Enterprises

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ioTium Showcase Edge-Cloud Offering: Simplify and Secure Transport of OPC Data to the Cloud at Hannover Messe 2018

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Apr. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ioTium, the first commercially deployed secure Edge-Cloud infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced they have joined the OPC Foundation, the world's leading community for industrial interoperability solutions developing and maintaining OPC specifications that deliver secure reliable interoperability. As a corporate member, ioTium's Edge-Cloud offerings is now available to any enterprise customers using OPC in their environment. ioTium also participates with other OPC Foundation members in their work to provide the best and most widely used connectivity standards available.

"One of the most important factors for the success of IIoT is the secure data and information exchange between devices and services," said Thomas J. Burke, president of the OPC Foundation. "The OPC Foundation is working with companies like IoTium to accelerate the deployment of OPC UA framework so as to have complete information integration addressing the complex requirement of IIoT."

More than 590 industry vendors and software developers contribute to developing the series of specifications for the OPC standard. OPC, the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable information exchange in industrial automation and the enterprise, ensures the seamless flow of information needed among multi-vendors and platforms.

"Interoperability is critical to the success of IIoT" said Ron Victor, founder and CEO of ioTium. "We have developed a solution that would ensure rapid scalable deployment of IIoT using OPC; any machine, using any protocol, can instantly, seamlessly and securely be connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator, while eliminating all deployment complexity issues and significantly minimizing network security risks. We are excited to be part of the OPC Foundation."

Becoming a corporate member brings iotium's work in IIoT together with the OPC Foundations work developing and maintaining the OPC UA to empower the rapid deployment of the specifications to industrial enterprises. ioTium enables organizations to securely deploy and manage a wide range of services for diverse industrial environments with the single click of a mouse. The OPC UA is designed for the transport of data and information from first-tier factory and process control devices through to the enterprise information system.

ioTium looks forward to demonstrating what's new and upcoming in technology for Industrial Enterprise to Significantly Simplify and Secure Transport of their OPC Data to the cloud as part of the OPC Pavilion at Hannover Messe in Hall 9 A11.

The Hannover Messe will be held April 23-27 in Hannover.

About iotium 
ioTium is the first commercially deployed secure Edge-Cloud infrastructure company for the IIoT. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and funded by GE Ventures, March Capital, Juniper Ventures and the Fabric, ioTium is the company of choice for Fortune 500 organizations looking to enable secure, scalable IIoT deployment today. ioTium bridges the legacy brown-field world with the new cloud-enabled world. The company's Edge-Cloud offerings have been deployed in dozens of leading organizations in the building automation, oil and gas, power and utilities, manufacturing, and healthcare verticals as well as in smart cities. ioTium solutions include the groundbreaking ioTium OT-Net; ioTium OT-Access; and the ioTium OT-Edge edge-cloud infrastructure solution. The company's solutions ensure that any machine, using any protocol, can be instantly, seamlessly and securely connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator; while eliminating deployment complexity issues and minimizing network security risks. For more information, visit:

About OPC Foundation 
Since 1996, the OPC Foundation has facilitated the development and adoption of the OPC information exchange standards. As both advocate and custodian of these specifications, the Foundation™s mission is to help industry vendors, end-users, and software developers maintain interoperability in their manufacturing and automation assets.

The OPC Foundation provides the best specifications, technology, process and certification to achieve multivendor, multiplatform, secure, reliable interoperability for moving data and information from the embedded world to the enterprise cloud. The organization serves over 590 members worldwide in the Industrial Automation, IT, IoT, IIoT, M2M, Industrie 4.0, Building Automation, machine tools, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and Smart Energy sectors.

About OPC UA 
OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a platform and vendor independent communication technology for a secure and reliable data and information exchange over the different levels of the automation pyramid. In addition, the information models of the OPC UA standard provide the foundation for a semantic interoperability.